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Personal Trainers in Hawaii

If you know any great personal trainers in Hawaii then let us know and we’ll list them

Honolulu gyms

Honolulu is the capital of the state of Hawaii and for many of a certain age synonymous with the cop show Hawaii 50. Honolulu is actualy found ont he island of O'Ahu andd not he island of Hawaii. A selection of gyms in Honolulu , O'Ahu, Hawaii can be found below but if you know any other great gyms or fitness centers....or anywhere where you can recommend a fantastic work out facility please tell us.

24 Hour Fitness (Waikiki, Honolulu)

Free weights   Classes   Personal Training   Sauna/Steam Room  

Well equipped gym in Waikiki recommended by local gym user.

24 hour Fitness (Bishop St.)

Free weights   Classes   Sauna/Steam Room  

We have some but not all info on this gym....

24 hour Fitness (Honolulu)

Free weights   Classes   Restaurant/Cafe   Proteins/Supplements   Sunbeds   Sauna/Steam Room  

Waiting for full details on this gym....

Gold's Gym (downtown Honolulu)

Free weights   Classes   Personal Training   Proteins/Supplements  

Just heard that this gym is closing sadly so don't make a wasted trip there....

Honolulu Club

Free weights   Classes   Personal Training   Swimming   Restaurant/Cafe   Sauna/Steam Room  

Immaculate facilities and comfortable, lavish surroundings.

Max's Gym (Waikiki, Honolulu)

Free weights   Restaurant/Cafe   Sauna/Steam Room  

This gym is not only exclusively men but also exclusively gay men and so minimum age of 18… but if you get past those criteria offers good weight training equipment and suitable for body builders. Must bring photo I.D. Discounts for students and military.


Free weights  

Waiting for details on this gym but understand it is near the Downtown Gold's gym that is due to close...

The Clark Hatch Fitness Center (near to Harbour)

Free weights   Classes   Personal Training   Swimming   Sauna/Steam Room  

Fantastic health club with great gym facilites, including good selection of free weights.

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