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Personal Trainers in South East London

Gary Collyer

Gary is our favored personal trainer for South East London. Contact: 07768 588421

Gary 's personal training site

Answer Fitness

Answer Fitness train clients at their homes or in the outdoors in local parks. Necessary equipment supplied. REPs Level 3 qualified and insured. Operate in South East London, Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Clapham etc. Contact: 07841201437

Answer Fitness personal training site

Metroflex (SE26 - Penge / Sydenham)

Free weights   Personal Training   Proteins/Supplements   Sunbeds   Sauna/Steam Room  

Very serious weight lifters gym...

Gym at  Metroflex, South London

Unit A6/Broomsleigh Business Park
Worsley Bridge Rd
SE26 5BN

If you are coming by train, we are directly outside Lower Sydenham Station.

Parking nearby

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Phone Number:
+44 (0) 20 8697 7788

Usual Daily Rate: £5


Working out

195 dumbbells with one weighing 240lbs, over 30 pieces of resistance kit, which includes an Olympic shoulder press, a power rack, 2 squat racks, 3 Olympic benches, 2 standing calf raising machines, 1 donkey calf raising machine, a plate loaded seated calf machine, a Smith machine, a dip machine, a chest press machine, a preacher curl machine, a preacher bench, a pec deck, plate loaded incline chest press, plate loaded rowing machine, long range cable row, 2 plate loaded leg presses, 2 plate loaded hack squat machines, 2 cable leg extensions, 2 cable reverse curl machines, 2 single leg curl machines, 2 decline abdominal benches, 5 cable lat pull downs, a cable crossover machine, 2 cable tricep machines.

Cardio area includes extensive range of running machines, static bikes, rowing machines, and cross trainers

Personal training £15 per hour

Boxing facility

Chilling out

Sunbeds £3 for 3 minutes

Massage £12.50 for 30 minutes

A full range of supplements by MRM

Steam room



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Gym Visit's London...

Best sports massage

Working across several central London locations Mark is an ex-triathlete for the GB team and offers sports specific massage and advice.

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