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The Gym Body Work Out

Below is a 7 day work out schedule that should go some way to delivering your gym body in time for your next holiday. Clearly add what ever weights you feel are comfortable with. We have given some indication of where you should push yourself and where you should use lighter weights for a warm up. If in doubt as to how to perform any of these exercises ask the gym staff…if they don’t know change gyms! Remember that best results are achieved with perfect form so don’t pile on the weights as you will risk injury.
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Day 1: Chest, Abs and Calves.


  • Warm-up with a set of 15 dumbbell flies on a very light weight.
  • Dumbbell flies on a flat bench 3 sets (8 -10 reps). Try to get a good stretch across the entire chest.
  • Incline dumbell press. 2 sets (10 reps).
  • Incline flies (full stretch at the bottom and peak contraction at the top) 2 sets (10 reps).
  • Cable cross-overs. 3 sets (12 reps)


  • Seated calf raises 3 sets (15 reps) (heavy weights).
  • Standing calf raises 3 sets (15 reps) getting (peak contraction at the top of each rep).


  • 4 sets (20 reps) of crunches with knees up and crossed at the ankles.
  • 4 sets (20 reps) of crunches with knees raised seated on the end of a flat bench.
  • 4 sets (20 reps) of decline sit-ups.

Day 2: Legs

  • 5 minutes warm up on the bike or running machine.
  • Leg press for 5 sets (12 reps) of heavy, nice and controlled reps. - be sure to keep your back flat and the movement controlled.
  • Squats - 3 sets (10 reps), again use perfect form to avoid injury.
  • Dumbbell lunges to work the glutes and quads more. 3 sets (10 reps) working first one leg for 10 consecutive reps and then the other, this will keep all tension on the working leg.
  • Leg extension 3 sets (10 reps) focus on the peak contraction on the top to feel the burn.
  • Lying leg curls 4 sets (12 reps) really squeeze at the top.
  • Dead lifts 3 sets (10 reps) feeling the stretch all the way down.

Day 3: Cardio

  • Stretch and then do 20 – 30 minutes intensive cardio (running, bike, rowing), ideally first thing in the morning.
  • Follow it with 20 minutes gentle stretching holding each stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Day 4: Back and Shoulders


  • Start with 3 sets (12 reps) of wide grip pull-down to the front to get the blood pumping. The first set should be on very light weights and then build up from here.
  • Next, 3 sets (8 reps) of bent over rows with an underhand. These should be performed with heavier weights but form is never compromised.
  • Following try 2 sets (10 reps or failure) of chin lifts with bodyweight.
  • To finish do 3 sets (10 reps) of seated row.


  • Start here with 3 sets (12 reps) of shoulder press (seated!). Do the first set on a light weight and build up from here.
  • Next it is 3 sets (12 reps) of seated dumbbell side lateral raises. Try working with lower weights but very slowly to get maximum burn.
  • Then on to the rear delt machine for 3 sets (12 reps).
  • Finally 3 sets (12 reps) of heavy dumbbell shrugs to get traps pumped.

Day 5: Biceps and Triceps


  • Start with 1 set (15 reps) of standing barbell curls on a light weight to warm the muscle up. Then progress straight on to 3 sets (7,7,7, reps) of bicep 21s with strict form and a nice peak contraction at the top.
  • Next do 2 sets (12 reps) of preacher curls, ideally with a straight bar and again really concentrating on squeezing the bicep.
  • Finish off with 3 sets (12 reps) of seated hammer curls.


  • Start with 3 sets (10 reps) of close grip bench press, very strict and really concentrating on feeling the weight in the back of the arms.
  • Next 3 sets (10 reps) of “skull crushers”, again performed with a straight bar.
  • Finish with 3 sets (10 reps) of pushdowns with either a rope or a bar slightly angled downward.


Day 6: Nothing!

Take it easy, no more than gentle exercise.

Day 7: Cardio

  • Stretch and then do 20 – 30 minutes intensive cardio (running, bike, rowing), ideally first thing in the morning. Try to do a different form of cardio from day 3.
  • Follow it with 20 minutes gentle stretching.

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